Trial and Sentencing Hearings

What follows is a schedule of all trial and sentencing hearings. The times noted are in Eastern Time, and the hearings are held in Trenton, New Jersey at the District Court located at this address: 402 East State Street. The schedule is not set in stone because the court often reschedules at the last minute for any reason.

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8 Responses to Trial and Sentencing Hearings

  1. Shaka Zulu says:

    I still don't understand why Irma got a different court date than Joshua. They better get sentence and fine by the government. The deaf people need to see that the government wont stand for abusive practice and dishonest people. DHIS shouldn't be allow to represent the deaf community or get Federal and State contract work. They need a taste of living in poverty.

    • vrsjustice says:

      The workings of the judicial system may seem mysterious to us all, but they do have a purpose. This particular judge, the Honorable Judge Pisano, appears to be okay with rescheduling sentencing dates based on past VRS cases, while another judge may not be okay with it. We will need to put up with the ever-changing sentencing dates. Tomorrow is the sentencing date of two defendants, and next Monday will see three defendants sentenced — all if the dates do not change.

      Just know that the remaining defendants <strong>will get their due</strong> in court.

      • Neal Golden says:

        I will stay this about the VRS scandal. Most of the deaf people involved in the scandal should have gotten prison time. They should have gotten the taste of losing there freedom. They abuse an awesome service for our community and our government let these pompous ass have there freedom. It s doesn't sit well with me. Our economy in bad shape and we can't afford to let people abuse this wonderful service for our deaf community. They shouldn't get no social security if they steal from our government. If they have to collect soda can and eat out of the garbage can. They should experience life in poverty since they committed the crime. I show up to Trenton court house. I was hoping to meet the Judge Pisano. He wasn't there. Our government went to shit and most people loss faith in our government. I only stated the fact. I love my country but our Justice System suck!

  2. Neal Golden says:

    Judge Pisano need to get his head out of the sand and throw and Irma Azrelyant Joshua Finkle in jail. They premeditated everything with John Yeh. I work for these people and I never participated in any of the crime they committed. My motto still stand if you steal then you should pay the time and show our deaf community that stealing won't be accepted in our society.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I heard bonheyo paid off owing and got dismissed. Is that true?

    • vrsjustice says:


      I did not hear of that. PACER has not been updated since the postponed sentencing — I check at least once every other week for any updates.

      Based on previous VRS Fraud sentencings, the Bonheyos' restitution would probably be between 1 million and 7 million dollars each person (the highest amount went to Irma Azyrelant and Joshua Finkle, not including John and Joseph Yeh). After all, the Bonehyos did plead guilty, which means that they will get some kind of judgement (including a monetary restitution) against them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    What is the update status now? I was notified again they had been sentenced. Is that true?

    • vrsjustice says:

      Hello Anonymous:

      I checked with PACER yesterday and there were no updates for the Bonheyos since prior to the initial (and postponed) sentencing date. I check on a weekly basis, sometimes twice. So if they had a sentencing hearing late last week, it may not show up in PACER until early this week. Unfortunately, with Congress and the White House going at one another, the government shutdown, if it occurs, will hold up any updates to PACER until the government agrees on a bill that will keep the government running.

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