Bonheyo & Bonheyo Update

There have been movement in the case against Bridget Bonheyo and Jerome Bonheyo in the summer. Their trial date was scheduled for June 20, 2012, but Prosecutor Ryan Faulconer requested a continuance of the trial, which was subsequently approved by the Honorable Judge Joel A. Pisano on June 11, 2012. According to the motion, there are three reasons Prosecutor Faulconer requested the continuance:

  1. The Bonheyo attorneys are working with the Prosecutor’s office on a possible plea bargain, and this would basically eliminate the need for a trial.
  2. That if the plea discussions do not work out, both the prosecutors and the defendants’ attorneys need time to prepare for trial
  3. Faulconer pointed to a United States Code section saying that granting continuance is far better than pushing for a trial sooner than later.  The USC Faulconer referred to is 18 U.S.C. § 3161(h)(7)(B)(ii) and (iv) — see this link:

The new trial date is now September 4, 2012.

Not only that, soon after the request for continuance, the Bonheyo attorney, Thomas Pryor, requested a modification to Ms. Bonheyo’s Conditions of Release to allow her to travel overseas to Turkey between the dates of June 28, 2012 and July 8, 2012. The motion was approved by the Honorable Judge Pisano with the condition that Ms. Bonheyo returns her passport upon her return.

Hearing Schedule Document is here
Conditions of Release Document is here.
Continuance Approval Document is here.


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11 Responses to Bonheyo & Bonheyo Update

  1. Curious says:

    Since Bonheyos will not accept plea from prosecutor and will have a trial on September 4th which is confirmed. In other word, they ignore prosecutor's deal and will challenge the system, correct? If they found guilty and the sentence will be severe?

    • vrsjustice says:


      You are right in that the trial date is confirmed for September 4, 2012. However, the September 4th trial date could be changed at the last minute to a later date for any reason. If the plea negotiations between the Bonheyo attorneys and the U.S. Government fail, then yes, they will go to trial if the date does not change.

      If the Bonheyos end up going to trial, the odds are stacked against them. A very high percentage of federal cases brought to trial resulted in convictions because the government is so very good at this. Also, the sentences that they may receive will be subject to the minimum sentencing rules for the charges they were found guilty. It is very, very rare though that a defendant gets a sentence that is less than the minimum — this will be determined by the Pre-Sentencing Investigation Report (PSR) for each defendant.

  2. Curious says:

    I'm not able to 'share' this into Twitter, Facebook, or any social media. Can you please assure that its clicked into. Thank you

  3. Plea says:

    Just learned that Bonheyos have accepted plea from prosecutors. True?

    • vrsjustice says:

      This is indeed true. Stay tuned for a post later today. I have all the court paperwork and will need to write up a post. In short, both Bridget Bonheyo and Jerome Bonheyo agreed to plead guilty. Sentencing is scheduled for later this year.

  4. ??? says:

    Bonheyo plead guilty! no trial !

  5. Anonymous says:

    Your email address is no good. I want to give breaking news personally than pass it on to the lousy ideaf news.

    • vrsjustice says:

      Hi Anonymous,

      The email address to get a hold of me is I also sent a test email to it and it went through.

  6. alan says:

    Here's an update on B&B case. Source:

  7. Neal Golden says:

    Of course Judge Pisano let another deaf cronies get off too easy. He s going to give everyone a probation and fine. I am a tax payer. I want to see justice. These people are just like a Mini Madoff and they all premeditated everything with John Yeh. You have the experience with the law. Stealing from the FCC is wrong!!! You let these lawyers manipulate your thinking process. You definitely need to see how I feel as a tax payers. I reported the fraudulent with DHIS and I waited for justice for over four years. I love my country but I hate how the justice work these days. Most of these people went to Gallaudet University. Which is one of a few colleges that get a Federal pension. I question Gallaudet business ethnic because they took monies from all the companies that stole from the FCC. I am not going to name any of VRS companies who were part of FCC fraudulent because they know they committed the crime and pay the fines. The government need to realize this fraudulent can be stop if the government regulate the contract agreement with one or two companies in a bidding war. Trust me this will stop FCC fraudulent and they will pay less $$$$ in the long run.

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