VRS Case List


3:09-cr-00810-JAP ICSD defendants
3:09-cr-00810-JAP-1 Yosbel Buscaron (terminated)
3:09-cr-00810-JAP-2 Lazaro Fernandez (terminated)
3:09-cr-00810-JAP-3 Wanda Hutchinson (terminated)
3:09-cr-00810-JAP-4 Jessica Bacallao (terminated)
3:09-cr-00810-JAP-5 Kathleen Valle (terminated)
3:09-cr-00811-JAP DHIS defendants
3:09-cr-00811-JAP-1 Irma Azrelyant (terminated)
3:09-cr-00811-JAP-2 Joshua Finkle (terminated)
3:09-cr-00811-JAP-3 Nathan Zfati (terminated)
3:09-cr-00811-JAP-4 Oksana Strusa (terminated)
3:09-cr-00811-JAP-5 Alfia Iskandarova (terminated)
3:09-cr-00811-JAP-6 Hennadii Holovkin (terminated)
3:09-cr-00856-JAP Viable defendants
3:09-cr-00856-JAP-1 John T.C. Yeh (terminated)
3:09-cr-00856-JAP-2 Joseph Yeh (terminated)
3:09-cr-00856-JAP-3 Anthony Mowl (terminated)
3:09-cr-00856-JAP-4 Donald Tropp (terminated)
3:09-cr-00856-JAP-5 Viable Communications, Inc (terminated)
3:09-cr-00857-JAP Master/KL/Mascom defendants
3:09-cr-00857-JAP-1 Kim E. Hawkins (terminated)
3:09-cr-00857-JAP-2 Larry Berke (terminated)
1:12-cv-01347-ESH Larry Berke Lawsuit (terminated)
3:09-cr-00857-JAP-3 Dary Berke (terminated)
3:09-cr-00857-JAP-4 Lisa Goetz (terminated)
3:09-cr-00857-JAP-5 David Simmons (terminated)
3:09-cr-00858-JAP Viable Arizona Contractors defendants
3:09-cr-00858-JAP-1 Benjamin Pena (terminated)
3:09-cr-00858-JAP-2 Robert Z. Rubeck (terminated)
3:09-cr-00858-JAP-3 Tamara Frankel (terminated)
3:09-cr-00859-JAP Deaf Studio 29 defendants
3:09-cr-00859-JAP-1 Marc Velasquez Verson (terminated)
3:09-cr-00859-JAP-2 Ellen Thompson (terminated)
3:09-cr-00859-JAP-3 Doris Martinez (terminated)
3:11-cr-00861-JAP Bonheyo & Bonheyo LLC defendants
3:11-cr-00861-JAP-1 Bridget Bonheyo (terminated)
3:11-cr-00861-JAP-2 Jerome Bonheyo (terminated)
3:14-cr-00128-JAP Hawk Relay LLC defendants
3:14-cr-00128-JAP-1 Samuel Hawk (terminated)
3:14-cr-00128-JAP-2 Bryce Chapman (terminated)
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2 Responses to VRS Case List

  1. john & ann mcenroe jr says:

    what i hear about fcc so my friends say to us that please sign to keep sorenson we love to use that sorenson very much we cant without it because we know and doctor etc to talk about appt cant be without !! so keep run all times since 2002 to present thank you smile john mcenroe

  2. Disappointed says:

    "Once a thief, always a thief." It is a shame that the judge is too lenient with their consequence. Most of these defendants are lucky that they do not have to serve a day in prison. Their monthly payment to the restitution is a joke. How did they get away with it? Did they play "dumb" with the judge? Face it, people, have nothing to do with them. My screen name is "Disappointed" …

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